Services offered

Our company provides fully environmental management services of solid and liquid waste of slaughter and other industrial, plant waste and bio-sludge on behalf of others. The company commands waste elaboration unit and by-products. (materials of category 2 and 3), with potentiality of 47 tons / day, anaerobic digestion unit and biogas production (potentiality of 107 tons / per day) and installation rotated pyrolysis furnace for the management (incineration) of by-products Material of category 1 (incineration unit of high potential)

Services of fully waste management are offered for the following waste categories:

  • Animal by-products of category 1, 2 & 3 (02)
  • Mud from biological process from waste industrial water EKA 19 08 12
  • Waste by agriculture, gardening, aquaculture, forestry, hunting and fishery, preparation and elaboration of food (02)
  • Waste by wood process and furniture production, as well as paper pulp and carton pulp (03)
  • Waste by leather, fur and textile industries.
  • Waste by waste elaboration units, installations of wet waste elaboration coming out of production and the preparation of water destined to be consumed by human and water for industrial use (19)
  • Municipal waste (domestic waste and likewise waste coming from commercial activities, industries and Institutions), included parts separately collected (20)

In cooperation with special authorized collection units – waste transport, we undertake the entire management of liquid and solid waste and their final elaboration in our authorized units of our company