Incineration unit

The thermal process of animal by-products of 1, 2 and 3 category of the company and others, takes place in the company’s high potential incineration unit of revolving pyrolysis type, with approval code 63Y123EL55HP. The incineration of the above materials is being controlled through automatic operational programs of the furnace and the maintenance of the laid conditions for the operation of the incineration units is being ensured by Reg. 142/2011/EK. More specifically, the furnace has two chambers of incineration, in the first chamber controlled incineration is done at a temperature up to 880Co, while in the second chamber the exhaust-gases are burned again with surplus fresh air which is inserted through ventilator at a temperature up to 1150 Co. The potentiality of the incineration chamber is 450kg – 540kg / hr or 4400 / lt loading of primary chamber.

The storing of animal by-products and other waste (either those which are produced in the enterprise or those which are taken by others) is being carried out in two (2) freezing chambers of total storing potentiality of 150tons