Slaughterhouse – Slaughter services



Slaughterhouses in Kavala and in Ioannina operate for the company’s product production as well as for the servicing of others. The above slaughterhouses are of 3-line production which refer to lambs, pork and cattle. Each line’s potentiality is: for lambs 120/per hour, for pork 50/per hour and for cattle 15/per hour.

During the slaughter procedure the animal’s protection is taken care of during the transport and the slaughter (anaesthetization), the required sanity rules and right practice are kept, the HACCP procedures, the prerequisite programs and the tracing. The whole procedure is constantly controlled by the veterinarians and a permanent veterinarian of the company’s production and expiration, the classification and the weight.

The produced products are transported by trucks – freezers of the company for their destination place.