Distribution – Exports


KRE.KA’ s S.A. sales are being carried out, mainly through wholesale in fresh, frozen meat, as well as in meat preparation and in products based on meat. These products are transported by company’s freezers either directly from the slaughterhouses or after their standardization in the company’s facilities (Kavala – Ioannina – Athens).

The go-between station are Athens and Thessaloniki’s central meat markets through which they are conveyed in retail shops and in a great number in wholesalers in Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, Epirus, Peloponnese, Crete

The branch office of Ioannina serves prefectures of Arta, Aitoloakarnania, Thesprotia, Ioannina, Corfu, Preveza and the exports to European countries (Italy, Germany), the office in Kavala serves Northern Greece (Thrace, Macedonia) and the Prefecture of Attica, while the branch office of Athens serves except from the Prefecture of Attica, the Aegean islands and Peloponnese.