Targets – Investments


The company’s target is, to provide to the Greek consumer, high quality, absolutely healthy products by satisfying completely the needs of his/her’ s nourishment. This has been accomplished, with the investment in facilities and mechanical equipment of pioneer technology, which allows the company to implement the right conditions for nourishment and growing of the animals, up-to-date standardization methods and conditions of wholesome transportation of the meat to its retail places.

In its course up to date, the company aims at having a fully training personnel and modern equipment, which is susceptible to all the necessary maintenances, in order to reach the peak quality that the company wants to provide to its customers.

The development is continued with the objective of accomplishing new targets and broadening of perspectives. Always according to the same philosophy. A philosophy that is materialized with constant attempts for the production of products of excellent quality and hygiene, ensuring at the same time the environmental protection and the production of electric and thermal energy.